Deadline Technical Solutions

DTSI builds custom Test & Measurement (T&M) Equipment for many Global Partners in the Aerospace, Defense, Wireless, Communications, Semiconductor, Electronics, Automotive, and other key industry sectors around the world. While we aren't at liberty to disclose details about many of these projects, we can provide solutions for your applications based on our experience!


DTSI Custom RF Equipment

  • Payload Test Systems & Simulators

  • Switch Matrix, Up/Down Converters

  • Test System Interfaces

  • Thermal Vacuum (TVAC) Compatible Equipment for Space Simulation Environments



DTSI resources include a Keysight E8364C 50GHz PNA (up to 4 channels using N4421B not shown), Espec Environmental Chamber, Microscope Inspection System, and much more which can be utilized to test or characterize your products.